Bass Town House

The Home of William Bass in 1777.


then after 1787 it became the home of his Son Michael Bass, then in 1791 Thomas Worthington rented the north half of the house and Michael Bass still lived in the south half of the house, at this time both the Worthington and Bass children had been born under the same roof.

Michael Thomas Bass then lived in the house and his three children also where born here, in 1841 Michael Thomas moved out to his estate at rangemore and John Gretton a business partner moved in as a tenant untill1861. after this time it became a place of convenience for meetings, meals, and beds for the Bass family,in 1875 the house was sold to the Bass company-Bass Ratcliff and Gretton Limited as a place of convenience for all directors, and so it has remained through all the successive mergers with Worthington, Mitchells and Butlers, and Charringtons. " The Bass Town House " and today is still used for meetings, and accommodation by the present owners Molson Coors.

Many thanks to Janet Mawhinney of Molson Corrs Town House for her help.





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