Orton and Spooners were manufacturers of fair ground rides. Orton built carriages and wagons before his firm partnered with the Spooner Family. Spooners were famous for ornate and grandiose wood carvings that adorned the fairground rides of the day. Please enjoy some intriguing pictures below. A big thank you to the Suttons for the picture numbers 1-2-3-4-5-6-7. .A. S. Howell's website which is now archived on Burton2000 for a brief history of Orton & Spooners and details of his families connection with the company.


Men at Work The fairground artists and artisans of Orton & Spooner

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Tel 01283 566055 or contact www.joylandbooks.comThis is a tribute to not only Orton & Spooner but also to the Generations of craftsmen from the Howell family. This book will preserve a wonderful piece of Burton history which was all down to the hard work and dedication of my friend Alan Howell before he died in year 2001.
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