On Sunday 9th July 2000 Bass Museum and the Burton Daimler Group held their first bus rally at the museum site. A mixture of 40 classic buses and coach's attended the rally along with stalls selling books, models memorabilia and paintings. The usual superb facilities of the Bass Museum was available to all visitors including some fine ale's. Several buses gave free trips from the museum site to the historic village of Tutbury and back. Arthur was on hand with his camera, so please enjoy the pictures of buses below.


Reg No. TFA 987 built in 1964. This Daimler CCG5 is owned by the Burton Daimler group, it is one of 21 similar vehicles new to Burton Corporation between 1963-68. 87 worked in Burton until 1973 and was sold to McClennan's in Perth, Scotland and spent 14 years there before passing onto a number of operators until final withdrawal in 1989. Purchased for preservation in 1991 by the present owners who have estimated to have spent over 10,000 on the restoration. She has a Massey double deck body with a Gardner 5LW engine and a Guy 4 speed crash gearbox, vacuum brakes and unusually for its year and 12V electrical system.


Reg No. FA 9716 built in 1949. This Guy Arab III is owned by P. Stanbridge / Burton Arab Preservation Group. This bus was new to Burton Corporation in 1950 originally fitted with an R.J. Davis of Merthyr Tydfil double deck body, before being re bodied in 1960 with a Massey body, Fitted with a Gardener engine she was withdrawn from service in 1971. She then passed into the hands of a play bus group in Berkshire, then through 2 dealers Messers Jeff Lister and The London Bus Export Co, before finally being rescued for restoration in April 1999. Restoration is at present on going.


Reg No. MFA 703G built in 1968. This Daimler Fleetline SRG6LW is owned by G. Anthony / Burton Daimler Group. The SRG6LW donates to "Single Deck Rear Engined Gardener 6LW", She was first registered on the 12/03/69 and delivered to Burton Corporation with 2 similar vehicles (MFA 704G / 805G) in the maroon and cream livery. The bus was the first new look front entrance vehicle to run in the Burton Fleet. After withdraw from service in March 1984 she passed to the Burton Town Council as a mobile exhibition unit, on the 31/07/88 she was sold to the Burton Youth for Christ before passing onto a local Burtonion and then onto her present owner on the 19/10/98.


Reg No. CBV 433 built in 1949. This Guy Arab III is owned by John Haines / Stafford. This picture shows the Guy Arab III with Crossley double decked body and a Gardener Engine.


Reg No. YRC 191 built in 1962/3. This Leyland Tiger Cub is owned by the Trent/Barton Buses c/o Malcolm Hitchins M.B.E. The picture shows the Leyland Tiger Cub with an Alexander DP41F single deck body and fitted with an Leyland Engine.


Reg No. KCD 697 built in 1949. This Albion Single decker is owned by Eric and Stephen Fathers of Ripley Derbyshire. The picture shows the Albion Single decker with Harrington body and a Albion engine and chassis.


Reg No. KHC 369 built in 1963. This AEC Regent MkV is owned by K. Hulks. Doncaster. This picture shows the AEC Regent V fitted with an East Lancs Double decked body and an AEC Engine.


Reg No. KDT 393 built in 1951. This AEC Regent MkIII is owned by D.A. Peart, Doncaster. This picture shows the AEC Regent III fitted with a Charle Roe double decked body and a AEC Engine type A218.


Reg No. JAX 354 built in 1947. This Leyland Tiger PS1 is owned by the M. Elkin / Dunn-line (Holdings Ltd) Nottingham. The picture shows the Leyland Tiger PS1 fitted with an Wilkes and Meade single deck body and an Leyland E181 Engine.


Reg No. NSG 869 built in 1955. This Albion Nimbus MR9 is owned by Trevor Walters / Stoke on Trent The picture shows the Albion Nimbus MR9 fitted with its own Albion EN219 Engine and was a prototype fitted with an experimental 8 foot 32 seat single decked body with a single front entrance.


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