Looking back over fifty years of gun collecting made Peter McManus realise that the people encountered along the way - collectors, shooters, gunsmiths were every bit as interesting as the guns themselves so this is not merely a gun book but a people" book. You do not, then, have to be an antique gun specialist to enjoy the book as it is written
For the general reader, though an interest in guns obviously helps.

The illustrations are a vital part of the book and there are lots of them. Excellent photographs, many in colour, by Derbyshire's knowledgeable gun enthusiast Ernest A. Drury Smith and colour photographs kindly lent by the Birmingham gun trade of the most superlative gun engraving.

This book completes Peter McManus' trilogy and like his previous books One Man's Motorcycles and One Man's Scotland it is a lighthearted look at the whole scene with short chapters and many diversions. It is, in fact, very much a companion volume to One Man's Scotland which, among many other things, outlined the evolution of the stalking rifle in Scotland. Although lighthearted you will find it packed with information and a number of theories of his own. Mantons, Purdeys, Holland and Hollands, Forsyths and many more you will find in these pages.

This is a book that you will find very easy to read and it is hoped that you will not merely leave it on your bookshelf but will return to it time and time again.

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