Synopsis In early 1917 the war in the air intensified on the Western Front in France. Richthofen's deadly ]agdstaffel 11 was flying vastly superior Albatros and Halberstadt planes, with synchronized machine guns. Into the fray came 40 Squadron RFC with its problematic FE8s. No contest you would think, but the bravery and courage of men like Lionel Blaxland, Mick Mannock and their fellow pilots ensured the Germans did not have it all their own way. Author Peter McManus has been extremely fortunate to have possession of Lionel Blaxlan's five photo albums and log book. Having also interviewed him and researched documentary evidence of those hectic days, the result, together with the incomparable colour artwork of John Batchelor, is an absolutely unique piece of work. This book is a must have for all students and historians of WWI, and collectors of memorabilia.

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